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Whale and Marine Life

At gateway shipping we understand the complexity of modern industrial needs. It is for this reason  we now offer Strike Impact Mitigation Services (SIMS) to be included in our vessel safety assist protocols.
Humpback whales, Killer whales, Porpoise, Seals and Sea Lions are obvious residents of the Pacific Ocean and are frequently seen in coastal inland waters such as the Douglas Channel. Coactivity between marine shipping and nature therefore exists on a continual basis.Our transport Canada approved and Industrial vetted vessels will therefore employ a dedicated strike hazard - inculding whale strike prevention - watch on all tanker/vessel escorts. Along with all state of the art whale detection electronics, our certified employees will ensure all strike impact hazards are identified and communicated.

Mammals, fishing equipment, recreational boaters and all other obstructional hazards would be identified. Gateways is committed to providing safe and incident free passage through our local waters. Operational excellence and environmental stewardship is embedded in our DNA.

Vessels, Routes and Apps that help keep the waters safe

Shown in action, our vessels at Gateway Shipping will coordinate with marine traffic to ensure our killer whales, fish net, with floats seals, and sea lions are not disturbed or impacted by ships.

Try the Ocean Wise Conservation Association B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network’s WhaleReport app!

Our Department of Transportation registered marine service vessels are at your service.

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